The scientific electronic publication:

Editorial Policy

The scientific electronic publication: “Professionalism of the Teacher: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects” is an open access journal. The articles are posted on a free access for users who can read, download, share, print, search or make references to full-text articles in this journal without asking the publisher or the authors for permission. All above mentioned things correspond to definition of free access by Budapest Open Access Initiative. The authors are responsible for the content of published articles and for the faithfulness of the information and calculations presented in the articles. 

The editorial board of the scientific electronic publication: “Professionalism of the Teacher: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects” adheres to the ethical standards, adopted by the international scientific community, taking into account recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics, as well as on valuable experience of reputable international journals and publishers.

Editorial policy of the journal is based on the following principles:

  • objectivity and impartiality in selecting articles for publication;
  • high standards for scientific research quality;
  • “blind” article reviewing;
  • collegial decision-making on article publication;
  • accessibility and efficiency in dealing with authors;
  • strict compliance with authors’ rights;
  • strict compliance with journal release schedule.

The editorial staff systematically work on including the journal into international electronic libraries, catalogues and scientometric data bases on the purpose of entering the global scientific information space; raising the journal rating and authors’ citation index.

The editorial staff strongly condemn manifestations of plagiarism in articles, as well as the copyright and scientific ethics infringement, and take all possible measures to prevent it.

The editorial staff hope that their activity contributes to development of national education science.

About the journal

The scientific issue “Professionalism of the Teacher: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects” is an educational journal that is dedicated to the problems of training specialists in various fields of study, a wide range of issues of innovative developing modern education and scientific research in this line.