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Dear Colleagues! 

Welcome to the pages of the journal "Professionalism of the Teacher: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects", designed to become a field of educational study for the scientific community of the XXI century: scholars and researchers, practicing teachers, young scientists and everyone who is not indifferent to the problems of education in Ukraine during its essential reforming, transferring of educational priorities, changing the educational paradigm, gradual adopting to the requirements of modern society.

Current trends of fundamentalization, globalization, humanization, ecologization, informatization and technologization of global educational system pose a lot of theoretical, methodological and practical problems to scientists which should be solved effectively in a free scientific discussion on the pages of specialized publications which include the issue "Professionalism of the Teacher: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects".

Beginning with the second issue the editorial board offers a new publishing format – scientific electronic periodical publication posted on the website "Scientific Electronic Edition: "Professionalism of the Teacher: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects" (online: so that this periodical publication meets modern educational realities; expands access to its papers for all contributors and readers; increases the level and quality of scientific debate on its pages.

For accessing to the papers visitors can register online and inspect regularly the articles of Ukrainian and foreign scholars. Three languages (Ukrainian, Russian and English) contribute to world popularization of issue papers.

Researchers, teachers, students of higher educational establishments, everyone who is interested in solving the problems of modern professional pedagogical education are invited to publishing the results of scientific research and experimental studies in the proposed subject area - "Professionalism of the Teacher: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects".


Chief Editor,

Doctor of Pedagogical Science, Professor

S. Omelchenko

About the journal

The scientific issue “Professionalism of the Teacher: Theoretical and Methodological Aspects” is an educational journal that is dedicated to the problems of training specialists in various fields of study, a wide range of issues of innovative developing modern education and scientific research in this line.