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Name Iryna Fed, Olga Kotlyarova
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Change educational goals and objectives at the present stage of development of the Ukrainian school education determines the problem of the formation of children and youth such personal qualities as diligence, which finds expression in the love and habit of labor, conscientious, thorough and timely implementation of the labor action without coercion, interest in achieving positive results and serves as an effective means not only for human sustenance, but also spiritual self-realization. Hard work is the basis of the physical and intellectual development; lays the foundation for the formation of skills of the labor action, creativity, moral values attitude to work; foster self-expression and self-esteem (V. Sukhomlinsky). The most favorable in this aspect is primary school age, when the foundations of thinking, intelligence, creative ideas, forming the spiritual world of the child, understanding their beauty and self-worth of labor.

The implementation of these objectives triggers the need for review and thoughtful understanding of the past and its objective evaluation, a thorough study of the historical experience of previous generations in respect of methods, tools, ways of formation of diligence in primary care education according to modern socio-economic conditions and processes.

The main objective is to characterize the labor climate of the time, based on the educational regulations of the study period; to analyze the nature of main ideas of labor education and formation of diligence of foreign scientists.

In every society at different stages the development was provided for the training of the next generations to participate in social work, was carried out purposeful work on the formation of their hard work. Not standing back from these questions and foreign teachers of the second half of XIXth – early XXth centuries put forward some ideas regarding the use of manual labor as a means of formation of diligence.

Describing diligence as "a moral incentive for reaching the personal success and material well-being" (T. Moore, T. Campanella), "a tool for the harmonious maturing of the mind and heart" (I. Pestalozzi), "basis of spiritual and moral education" (Y. Herbart, G. Bart), "mandatory factor of training children for future careers" (G. Kershenshteiner), they considered it as a basic quality of personality, a kind the final property that finds expression in the understanding of the importance and public value of work, the habit of work effort, zeal, diligence, integrity, responsibility, independence of action without the employment of coercion and the like.

Key words education; idea; labor; industriousness; work education.
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